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Experience, reliability and top-quality service in appliance repair in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City!

There are times when it is okay to be a “do it yourself” type of person then there are times when you need to put important matters into the hands of the experts. One of these important matters is your appliance service and appliance repairs. Here at Smart Choice Appliance Service we are the go to professionals that you need when you need appliance repair service and the repairs done right in the  Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City areas.

We know how valuable your appliances are to you and how much you rely on them. That is why we make it our priority to treat you as a priority, when it comes to your appliance service, maintenance and repair needs. We offer speedy same day service.

These are just some of the highlights of appliances that we are able to get back into or keep in tip top shape for you…

Freezers | Refrigerator | Clothes Dryers | Clothes Washer | Dishwashers | Electric Stoves and Ovens | Gas Stoves and Ovens | Garbage Disposal | Microwave

Here is an non inclusive list of major brands that we can maintain, service and repair when it comes to your appliances needs in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City areas.

General Electric | Whirlpool | Sears | Kenmore | Maytag | Hotpoint | Frigidaire | Amana | LG | Samsung


Why Call Us here at Smart Choice Smart Choice Appliance Service?

We’re never thankful enough for appliances we own until they’re gone – or stop working. This is especially true when discussing the many perks and pitfalls of appliance ownership. Thankfully, residents of Las Vegas needn’t worry if they’re brand new Whirlpool dishwasher quits or just about any kind of appliance, because accurate and most efficient appliance repair Las Vegas appliance owners need is just a phone call away!

Taking non-working dishwashers, washers, fridges and other vital home contrivances and turning them into perfectly working machines is what Smart Choice Appliance Service has done for decades, seeing every minor or massive appliance job through until it’s working like new.

Major appliances break at awkward times, don’t they?

They sure do. Imagine how embarrassed you’d feel having friends over for social gatherings when suddenly, your washing machine sounds like it’s ready to shoot through your kitchen wall. Or even less convenient, your refrigerator quits when guests are trying to keep their beverages cold – or enjoy cold beers during the big game. Smart Choice has seen and fixed many appliance problems that caused more embarrassment than happiness.

Summoning appliance repair Las Vegas home owners have trusted over the years fix these issues would help, right? Well, you can call us for emergency situations, normal function issues, or to assess your current appliance situation to see if repairs or maintenance are merited.

Accurate service with an infectious smile

Simply put, there’s nobody offering appliance repair Henderson NV home owners need, or appliance repair Boulder City residents trust, that’s better than Smart Choice Appliance Service. Equipped with tools to fix any appliance malfunction quickly, and affordably, our accuracy and friendliness exceed all expectations in an industry filled with empty promises.

Some of what we offer includes:

  • Dishwasher repair.  Tired of having dishes not thoroughly cleaned? There could be issues with water flow and other mechanisms within your unit. Smart Choice knows all makes and models of dishwashers.
  • Washer repair. Hard to look good when your washer stops agitating properly, or the bowl sounds like it’s wobbling about. Our team of trained washer repair personnel will have parts that fix any washer brand quickly so you can enjoy clean clothing.
  • Refrigerator repair. What good are fridges if they’re not cooling properly? Our team knows all about condensers, motors, freezer apparatuses and how they work in synchronicity. Let Smart Choice get your food temperatures back to what they should be. You deserve working fridges.
  • Dryer repair. Washed clothes only look good when dried. Poor heating elements and faulty drums can cause clothes to burn, never dry or smelly funky. Let the one company offering accurate appliance repair Las Vegas dryer owners have used for years get your clothes to dry again quickly and efficiently.
  • Microwave repair. That bag popcorn sure tastes better when all components of your microwave are working properly. We know you get the munchies – let our experts fix your baby.

If it’s classified as an appliance, be certain that Smart Choice Appliance Service will get it repaired quickly. Serving the Henderson, Las Vegas, Boulder City and surrounding areas for many, many years gives us the competitive edge in all aspects of appliance repair.

Excellence is our middle name

We built our appliance repair company on trust, commitment, fair prices and delivering on-time with quality results, every time. Everyone uses appliances, and unfortunately no appliance was manufactured perfectly. We’re there when even the smallest tick or squeak bothers you or disrupts the performance of your appliance.

We’re the appliance repair Henderson NV wants, the greatest appliance repair Boulder City calls upon during times of appliance distress, and most of all the appliance repair Las Vegas residents and businesses prefer over anyone.

Requesting Smart Choice services is simply smart

From Kenmore to Maytag, Samsung to LG, our experienced appliance repair technicians have worked on everything, even the latest models. Afraid of recalls? Call our office first as many recalls are simple part fixes we can assist with.

Offering extended six-day service weeks, coupled with a vast array of appliance service solutions, make Smart Choice Appliance Service the intelligent choice when your dryer goes kaput or garbage disposals shoot scraps at your ceiling.

You demand skills? We have certified techs who can dismantle appliances and reassemble them without problems. Our customer service isn’t too shabby, either, at least that’s what hundreds of repeat customers tell us.

You asked for all-star appliance repair Boulder City home owners use the most. You demanded all-star solutions for appliance repair Las Vegas residents had never thought possible. And you wanted to afford appliance repair Henderson NV companies normally overcharged for.

Here we are. Open a Dialogue with us and See What Our Commitment To Your Satisfaction Looks Like





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