Freezer Repair Las VegasWhen you’re in need of freezer repair in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, it’s always a good idea to make it a priority. As soon as you detect that something has gone wrong with your freezer, you must act quickly as the food that it contains can spoil before you know it. For this reason we have made sure that we are readily available to you Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We will do our very best to respond as quickly as we can once we receive your call about a freezer repair need.

If you’re really handy, you may want to do is a little bit of troubleshooting yourself to determine if there is something simple that has gone wrong with the freezer. Many times you can avoid a freezer repair Las Vegas by doing this and rectifying the problem. Here are a few tips to help you spot any potential problem that may be occurring that you can easily repair yourself.

Las Vegas Freezer Repair Tips

A very common problem is simply a lack of power to the freezer. It’s possible the breaker may have popped without you realizing it. In which case it is not receiving power. So you might need to change the fuses. Also check to see if the freezer is actually plugged in. If you have pets for example, they may have gotten behind the freezer and the plug could be disengaged.

It is important that there is proper airflow around your freezer. This means that the freezer should not be butted up against the wall as the mechanical parts of the freezer need to be exposed to the air. This helps to keep it cool and running properly.

If you’ve recently had a power surge, a simple fix could be to simply push the reset button on the freezer. This is an option on many newer models. Make sure that ice has not built up on the top perimeter of the freezer. That could be preventing it from closing properly. Make sure that you haven’t turned the thermostat down to low or that it accidentally got turned down.

These are the common issues that may have gone wrong with your freezer, but if none of these seem to be the problem, then be sure to call us so that we can tend to your freezer repair in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV as quickly as possible. Usually with freezers, the repairs are not overly complicated or lengthy. If it’s a part replacement that is needed, we are fully stocked for most makes and models. You don’t need to stress out about your freezer repair problem. We are here to look after this for you.