Garbage Disposal Repair Las VegasSmart Choice Appliance Service provide Help to Clean any Garbage Disposal

One of the home repairs that often goes too long without attention is garbage disposal repair. Las Vegas and Henderson NV residents don’t have to ignore the problem in their sink any longer because they have a reliable repair service in the area for just such a problem. If something goes wrong with your garbage disposal or any other appliance, call Smart Choice Appliance Service.

We are your professional garbage disposal repair service providers for the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City areas. While there are some appliances that you may consider repairing yourself, the garbage disposal should not be one of them.

Of course, when an appliance breaks down, it is never at a convenient time. For this reason, Smart Choice Appliance Service offers extended hours of operation – from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday. We understand your needs and strive to be there when it is convenient for you.

One of the most common complaints of faulty garbage disposal units is that after awhile they begin to emanate an unpleasant odor. This is something that you can correct, and you won’t need our services to do so. It can be easily cleaned with 1 cup of baking soda. All you need to do is plug the drain and fill the sink with warm water. Just add the cup of baking soda, let it dissolve, then stir well. Remove the plug and turn on the disposal. Once the water has drained, make sure that you continue to run fresh water through the garbage disposal for a few minutes, as it helps to clean any of the debris that has accumulated, which creates that unpleasant odor.

Another tip to ensure your garbage disposal remains fresh and clean while also maintaining the sharpness of its blades is to clean it with lemon juice and a couple trays of ice cubes. Fill the sink with water, add a cup of lemon juice and two trays of ice cubes, then pull out the plug. Turn on the disposal and let the water with lemon juice and ice cubes flow through the drain. Continue running the water for another minute or so and you will notice you have a sparkling clean garbage disposal unit with sharp blades.

There may come a time when you turn on your disposal unit and it doesn’t make a sound. If this happens, hit the reset button that you will find at the bottom of the unit. If this does not help, you will need to call us. At Smart Choice Appliance Service, we are your garbage disposal repair service experts.

Another issue to look for is corrosion on some of the parts of the disposal unit. Corrosive parts will need to be replaced. If it’s bad enough, it’s possible that the entire unit will need to be replaced. You can avoid this by keeping your disposal unit clean and preventing debris buildup. Make it a habit to flush down any remaining debris in the disposal with water. This should keep your unit running at optimum level.

Here are few extra steps that you can take to keep your disposal unit in prime shape:

1. Never run the disposal unit dry.
2. Don’t put solid waste or liquid fats into the disposal.
3. Only use your garbage disposal unit for the disposal of food.
4. Don’t put foods like pasta or rice in the disposal, as these foods will expand and clog the disposal unit.

Don’t forget that Smart Choice Appliance Service is only a phone call away. When you are in need of a top quality, reliable garbage disposal repair in Las Vegas or Henderson NV, you can count on us.