Range Repair Las Vegas

When trying to find a qualified technician for range repair in Las Vegas and Henderson NV, the task can be far from easy. However, it’s an appliance repair that is desperately needed in many cases. Range repair Las Vegas already have so many things that require our attention, worrying or stressing about the functionality of the appliances we use the most is something we can all do without. Here at Smart Choice Appliance Service we realize that a fully functional range top is an absolute necessity and critical for your everyday lifestyle. That is why we staff only the most highly skilled and qualified technicians in the industry to service your appliances. We offer quick and friendly service, usually on the same day you call. Our expert staff is available from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday through Friday. And for added convenience, we also offer service on Saturdays, so that we can tailor our service to fit your schedule. Our professional staff is trained and ready to service your range no matter what make or model. If you live in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson or Boulder City areas, we are at your service.

Contact us for the best service in the area and rest easy knowing that your repair will be quick and professional.

While we are able and willing to supply parts for the true “Do it yourself” amateur repair person, we do strongly suggest that when dealing with gas appliances you leave it to the experts. While gas appliances are 100% safe when operated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, due to the volatility and potential danger when performing repairs, we believe that only highly trained professionals should attempt to do so.

We do, however, suggest that the consumer perform some basic maintenance in order to keep those appliances running optimally.

  1. Ensure that when cleaning your cook top, you use a non-abrasive cleaner. This is especially true on ceramic tops, as the harsh abrasive content in some cleaners can damage them.
  2. The leading cause of malfunction on a range top is the circuit breaker. Check your owner’s manual for information on determining if this is the cause of your breakdown. Identifying this could avoid an unnecessary service call and charge.
  3. Another easy to fix issue can be a malfunction to burner itself. Again, this can be remedied quite easily. Call us to acquire the correct part and advice on performing this repair. Or just let us take care of it.

Most range repairs in Las Vegas or Henderson NV are quite simple in nature and can be completed with only 1 visit. Our courteous and professional staff is always willing and able to assist you with whatever you may need. Contact us today and get back to doing what you love, and what your family needs – cooking fun and nutritious meals in the comfort and safety of your kitchen.

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