Washer Repair Las VegasHow to do Washer Repair by yourself

With the summer heat seemingly always touching triple digits, washer repair in Las Vegas and Henderson NV takes on a new sense of urgency. Even with the dry heat, you’re still sweating, and your clothes soak up a lot of that sweat. If the stove or range top goes out, you can pick up the phone and call out for pizza or try that new Chinese takeout place down the block. No worries. Then you can get a repair guy in when convenient. But things take a different turn when it is your washer that breaks down.

The kids need clean clothes for school, the hubby has an important meeting and needs his favorite shirt and slacks or you have a must-attend party and have been dying to wear that favorite shirt again that just happens to be in the laundry. What to do? Now is the time to call the professional and friendly staff at Smart Choice Appliance Service. Washer repair boulder city manage all of your repair issues with our lightning fast and reliable service.

We fully understand the major inconvenience of having a washer breakdown, which is why we are available from Monday to Friday from 8.00am until 5.00pm and even offer Saturday appointments for your convenience. We will have your washing machine back up and running in no time if you are in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson or Boulder City Service areas.

While we strongly believe that washer repairs should be handled by trained and qualified professional there are few things you can do to determine and rectify some common problems saving you from the financial cost of an un-necessary service call.

  1. No power. If your unit seems to have no electrical power you should first check to ensure that the unit is plugged in. As simple as this sounds, at times that agitation from the machine can work a plug loose from the wall. Another quick check will tell you if your breaker has tripped from a storm or a power surge. Consult your owners manual and check to ensure that the breakers have not tripped, and reset them if they have.
  2. Bouncing. Your machine is designed to create a large amount of spinning force to extract water from clothes. This can cause the machine to become unstable and jump or bounce around. Ensure that the leveling feet on the bottom of the machine are properly positioned for correct balance. This will help to eliminate this movement.

While these simple remedies can help optimize performance, most other repairs should be left to the professionals. Call us for washer repair in Las Vegas, Henderson NV, and surrounding areas, and we will get you back up and running in no time.